Monday, January 6, 2014

The Next Time Around

By Joshua King-

We are having a baby! Well…another one.  Most parents-to-be tend to go through a large variety of emotions and thoughts about their new bundle of joy:

“What will the sex be?”

                                                                “Will it have my eyes?”

                                                                                                “Who will it look more like?”

Being a parent of preemie twin boys, my wife and I can’t help but think differently about this pregnancy.  Our priorities as parents have changed drastically since Aaden and Noah were born.

Upon finding out that we were expecting another addition to our family; my immediate thought was “I hope it’s just one.” I know that may sound a bit unfeeling and selfish, however I have valid reasons.  Our boys were mono/mono twins and shared the same amniotic sac.  They basically spent six months wrapping their umbilical cords into a large ball of yarn.  We were given a grim outlook throughout the pregnancy and were told that it would be a long, hard road.  It was. My wife spent over a month on bed rest at both home and the hospital where they were delivered.  I remember driving back and forth thinking that if this was how it was before they were even born, I would never sleep again! Our boys were born at 28 weeks and spent three long months in an incredible NICU at Christus Schumpert .  Yes, I was glad when we saw only one heartbeat on the first ultrasound! 

A huge priority is delivering at a hospital that has a good NICU.  We are not planning on delivering as far away from home as last time, however we found a good facility close to home.  This may have been the most important factor.  We didn’t even fully understand what a NICU was until our boys were born and now we can’t imagine delivering at a hospital without one! 

Despite our concerns about our fifth family member, we truly do feel blessed.  The due date is very close to the boys’ birthday and they think we did this as a birthday present for them.  They could not be any more excited! 

Being a preemie parent has changed me.  I worry more and you might even say it has made me somewhat of a “softie”, but I like who I have become.  My boys remind me every day that miracles really do happen. 

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