Friday, December 6, 2013

The Little Reminders

By Jacob Hedgespeth-

Last Sunday before I left for yet another week at the police academy Conor started a fever and continued to feel worse. Istarted to feel the NICU parent creeping up on me every time I checked his temperature. We ended up taking him to Urgent care, since it was a Sunday, and got him some medicine and other things to help knock the little man’s troubles. As we got home his temp continued to rise, as did the NICU parent in me. I went into full worry mode like I did over a year and a half ago. 

I turned to my uncle again who gave me so much great advice and insight during our NICU stay. I knew I would get a no nonsense answer, and that’s what I needed. He told me how to alternate Advil and Tylenol to get his fever down, and not to take him to the Hospital (what the NICU parent in me wanted to do) because this is what they would do for his as well. Long story short Conor made a recovery by Wednesday, and is back to normal. 

But it’s funny as a NICU parent your outlook on a fever is warped compared to the average parent. All I kept seeing was this tiny child in an isolette, and I had to help him in any waypossible, and my safe place with his is a hospital. All this also reminded me that RSV season is among us people, if you have a preemie now at risk fight as hard as you can for a Synagis injection, if you need help in the fight email us. I became way too familiar with insurance companies last year you just have to know how to fight the way they do. Also I know firsthand how hard it is but you have to go on lockdown, don’t go anywhere. 

Keep your miracle in your house as much as possible, you might have to miss Thanksgiving dinners, and possibly Christmas but it’s not worth a trip back to the Hospital. Good Luck this season and keep your children safe.

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