Monday, August 5, 2013

Godspeed Little Man

By Jacob Hedgespeth- 

I wish one year ago someone could have shown me a picture; just a glimpse of what Conor is today. A year ago I was facing the most difficult time in my entire life, and how was I to know the savior of this story was going to be weighing in at 3 pounds 11 ounces. The night before Conor was born I was in essence losing my wife. HELLP syndrome was shutting her body down and doing everything it could to rid its self of the pregnancy. Then BAM! Here comes this little superman to save the day. He stole my heart that afternoon, and I plan to let him keep it. 

In this year I have got to watch this little guy hit so many milestones, from the many NICU milestones like coming off oxygen to passing his car seat test. I have went on to fear RSV and fighting the stupid hard fight to get my son an injection to help prevent it. I have listened to his first words uttered “da-da” which melted my heart. I have let go of his little hands and watched him stumble off with his first steps at 10 months old. I will watch on July 28th as my son gets a handful of cake and gets in in every place imaginable, and Daddy will gladly clean it up! I will continue to watch all these things as he grows up but I will never forget where we came from, what community we belong to. 

As we are part of the elite, we are part of a community that few would wear as a badge of honor. We are a NICU family, and I am a NICU dad! As always I hope this reaches someone that needs to read it, they need these words right now in their journey through or leaving the NICU.

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