Monday, February 11, 2013

Mom's Say Thanks- Jessi Bennion

By Jessi Bennion

My guy? 

-         - Held my hand as the doctor told us our baby boy wasn’t viable.
-         - Rushed to be by my side for my emergency C-section.
-         - Listened to the doctor give us the grim statistics of our 23 weeker.
-         - Chose HOPE.
-         - Comforted me when I walked out of the hospital doors with no baby in my arms.
-         - Learned the ins and outs of the medical world of the NICU.
-         - Asked the questions and demanded the answers.
-         - Cried with me through every set back, every difficult decision.
-         - Went back and forth between his job and the hospital, two hours apart, each and every week.
-         - Held me when we were told our boy would not make it through the night.
-         - Rejoiced with me when he did.
-         - Never lost his sense of humor or his positive attitude.
-         - Waited and prayed with me through our son’s 7 NICU surgeries.
-         - Kangaroo’d every chance he got.
-         - Got the nursery furniture assembled and the house ready for our homecoming.
-         - Still managed to take me out on dates, to love on me, in spite of our journey, our heartache.
-         - Wrote beautiful words about our son, sharing with friends and family far and wide.
-         - And when that glorious day came, my guy walked us all out of the hospital, carrying our son in his car seat, after four long months in the NICU.

My guy?
-         - Is the best husband and father I could have ever hoped for.

It’s been almost four years since our parenting journey began and Jon continues to be my rock, my partner, and my best friend. He has the most special relationship with our son, Jack. Oh to see the way his eyes light up when daddy comes in the room! No matter how busy we get, with jobs and with this life, through each setback or goal attained, Jon continues to makes our little family his first priority.

When we got married almost 9 years ago, I never could have imagined our life looking like this. Caring for our micro preemie son and all that entails, has been the single hardest and simultaneously rewarding experience. And Jon, I am so thankful we get to travel this road together. There’s no one I’d rather be with. A few paragraphs won’t do it justice, but thanks, babe, for your selfless love.

(Photo Credit: Lisa Kunkel Photography)

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