Monday, January 28, 2013

Your Story Matters

Hang in there, buddy. You're going to do great things.

To all family and friends of Papas Of Preemies- I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the impact this community has made on me on a personal and professional level.

I have spoken about it a number of times, but when I launched Papas as a page on Facebook, I was uneasy and unsure of what response it would have. Would dads take notice? Would my relatively tame 25 day NICU stay carry weight in the NICU community? Much to my delight, three nights in a dad (contributor Rob) wrote a beautiful post on our timeline. I knew that moment we had something special, that there were dads out there who needed support and community as I did.

Soon after the creation of the page we began the process of reaching out to dads to share their stories about being parents of preemie babies. It wasn't until I received an email from contributor Mark inquiring if he could share his story about his son Owen that we addressed the reality not all NICU stories are direct result of prematurity.

Everyone who has contributed to this community has a different journey, and every single story matters. Whether your child is a micro-preemie, or you spent three days in the NICU, whether your story is a direct result of prematurity or not, it matters here.

We love to share stories, because while no two are the same, we can certainly find solace with others  in similar circumstances. The love, the fear, the joy, the darkness, the hope. It's all relevant regardless of your journey, Papas is a safe place to talk about your time in and after the NICU.

Thank you for joining us and being part of a special community.

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