Thursday, January 17, 2013

Early Intervention- Every little step you take

My how you have grown
By Joel Brens

It's been a while since I've blogged about Jayden's speech progress and overall development. We decided back in November to bump up his therapy sessions, (two speech therapy sessions and one developmental and occupational therapy session a week) in hopes to kick start his speech development as in some ways we felt it was stalling.  As part of the new schedule he goes to a class once a week at a building full of inflatables that covers ST and OT. The first time was a complete disaster, as the noise really got to him. I wasn't sure that it would work out. But he has since adapted to the environment and his instructors have seen significant improvement.

Until recently it has been slow, but steady progress for our little guy. His cognitive skills have always been strong, responding to instruction and engaging in activities. But as of the last few weeks we are starting to see signs that he is really turning the corner. Some are obvious, like the frequency he is stringing two words together, (hi mama, hi papa, bye bye mama, bye bye dada, more please, all done) and some may not be as blatant, but are signs he's putting it together. (Most notably direct eye contact when speaking, asking for help, new sounds, and taking initiative by showing me what he is talking about)

Every child will learn and develop differently, and it's so difficult to not go crazy as you wait for visible progress to happen. But I can't tell you how many times people who aren't around for the daily routine will take a second to say how pleasantly surprised they are with Jayden's improving speech and interaction.

It's so easy to miss that as a parent who is at home with his child on a daily basis. I know he is improving, but sometimes it's that outside perspective that really strikes a chord with me. Yes, he IS improving! Yes, it IS only a matter of time before the floodgates open. Yes, I am one excited papa.

Every little step you take, daddy will be there, good buddy. I am so very proud of you!


  1. Just curious if Jayden has a diagnosis to go with the delays. My son (former 24 weeker, now 2) was just diagnosed with PDDNOS. Most of his symptoms are speech related. We are in speech, OT and starting DIR/Floortime therapy... Looking for others in the same boat with good (or not so good) outcomes.

    1. My son Ethan (24week/4days)now almost 4 has been through a lot of ups and downs. He has been diagnosed with developmental disabilites but nothing yet that cant be fixed with therapy. He has been in OT, PT, and speech since he came home at 6 months old. When we first got home with him he didnt even like being touched. He would arch his back and tense up. In OT they gave me this really soft brush that we used every day at least 4 times a day. I believe this tool changed my sons life. Also in speech therapy, which at that little it was more like feeding therapy, we used this little tool that had really soft plastic tips almost like a toothbrush and either let him play with it, chew on it or whatever so hes not scared of it, and then a few times a day we would rub it all over his mouth, tongue, under his tongue, around his gums. It took a little bit before we could rub it on his tongue, but like with every preemie, it takes time. My little guy is almost 4 and he eats everything, and is steadily gaining weight. He still uses oxygen 24/7 and uses a feeding tube at night, but almost all his daytime food is consumed through his mouth. This coming from a baby that threw up 10x a day, whenever something touched the inside of his mouth. I whole heartedly believe in these therapies. They have been life changing for my son!!