Friday, December 21, 2012

It was meant to be

By Joel Brens

Have you ever had that moment where you have to pinch yourself? To remind yourself that this is all real? It happens to me almost every day. As I watch my son run around, play, listen, focus, and most importantly, laugh and love, I try to count my blessings.  Bringing my son comfort when he is upset and hearing his belly laugh when he is happy - there just aren't more gratifying feelings for me as a father.

I didn't ask to be a NICU dad, but I was. What I've learned and how I've grown as a dad, and a husband for that matter, has changed me forever.  The NICU, and the life that follows as you go home can leave you with physical/mental/emotional scars, some noticeable, some harder to see. But when you turn the corner, and stop to appreciate life's little things, it gets so much easier. To think that I likely would not have met such an amazing group of people, in the NICU/preemie community is mind boggling to me. I can't imagine my life without these people now.

All things considered, it was meant to be. I wrote this poem with that thought in mind:

It was meant to be
By Joel Brens

An urgent call chock full of fear
You birth was coming, the time was near
And while I couldn't clearly see
My preemie son was meant to be

I raced to the hospital, face full of tears
An unplanned moment, planned for years
I asked myself how could this be?
But now I know it was meant to be

An empty room, I'm so confused
Looking for answers, and some good news
"Mom and baby are healthy"  the nurse said with a smile
Just wait right here, he'll be out in a little while

So much relief, yet so much fear
All things considered, I'm glad you're here
When I first saw you, I could clearly see
A preemie dad I was meant to be

The days passed by, one by one
Your stay in the NICU, will soon be done
And as I thanked God for everything
I know that this was meant to be

You have grown so much since then
Looking at pictures, remembering when
Your wrist was smaller than my ring
And since that day, you're my everything

So many great people, that I now know
Helping families, they love them so
I know that we can all agree
Making a difference was meant to be

I love you Jayden


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  1. You have a such a gift of words. Thank-you for sharing.