Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What I'm Thankful For

November is always a busy time of preparation and excitement for everyone. This time of year, everyone is posting on Facebook all they are thankful for or texting those they love just how much they love them.  So, this is my “What I’m Thankful For". This year, I will be bursting with thanksgiving for the wonderful miracle my wife and I were blessed with in March. The pride and joy our lives made his grand appearance into our lives and started us on a journey that we didn’t think we could endure. 

After many hills and what seemed like endless valleys, we brought our baby home.  Just days shy of his seventh month, we got to bring our boy home. I must admit, there were a few days when I didn’t think that day would ever arrive, but on October 1,  Nash came home to a house full of balloons and all the love he’ll ever need to see him though any struggle he will ever face in this life.  I’m not sure I can even put into words the thankfulness that is in my heart.  Along with being thankful for Nash, I’m thankful for all the nurses who cared for Nash and treated him like he was their own. I'm thankful for all the doctors who spent so many hours trying to figure out the best plan of care for our little boy.  

Thank you for not just treating your job like its just any other job but for treating it like it was your calling, and it showed.  

But I’d be remised if I didn’t thank the Great Physician who guided the nurses and doctors and took over when man said I’m not sure what’s going on This year has taught me ‘In everything give thanks.’  I also must say thank you to everyone who ever said a prayer for us or stood with us in this journey. Please know that our victory is your victory.  Don’t forget this year to give thanks with a grateful heart!

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