Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dear Tristan...

Dear Tristan,
Your mom spent the day at NICU; she’s a preemie hero. This left us with tons of papa/son time. I cherish this time together. I know you adore your mama, and you get to spend way more time with her than you spend with me, but our time together is special. During our boy time, we get to do dude things.

When we watch TV together, you’ll sprawl out next to me and sink into the couch like a dad after work. You’ll snuggle me, but not the way you snuggle mama—you crawl up on me and sit on my chest, but you don’t stay long before wanting to be picked up and thrown around. That’s the kind of things papas do with their little dudes.

We had leftover pizza for lunch. Yours was chicken, bacon, and Romano cheese. Papa ordered it just for you. We ate cold pizza and you growled and threw the crust on the floor. I tried to feed you some yogurt too, but you were over it. Sometimes at dinner you will feed me, and that’s probably the most precious thing ever. I get close to you and tell you how awesome and cute you are, and you take a bit of your food and put it in my mouth. You love to share—you’re a gentleman.

We worked out together today. You’re already looking pretty buff. You hold onto my fingers all by yourself and I pull you up into the air. You hang there with your own strength for as long as you can. When you start to slip, I bring you down and you burst into giggles. As soon as your feet hit the floor, you want to go again, but I give you a few seconds to regain your strength. When it’s papa’s turn to work out, I pick you up over my head and flip you around in the air. You love being upside-down and you love being as high in the air as possible. You like to live on the edge, huh, dude?

There are a ton of papa/son things I can’t wait to do with you. Days like today make me think of them. I can’t wait to grill with you in our own backyard someday. (We’ll have a backyard, I promise.) I can’t wait to take you to the zoo for real—your first trip didn’t count because you had no idea what was going on, even though the marmosets were totally into you. Someday we’ll go to the beach and collect shark teeth, and someday we’ll ride bikes and you’ll skin your knee and think it’s cool (and I’ll secretly be scared, but I know you’re tough), and someday we’ll go camping, just the two of us, and we’ll stay up all night talking about whatever’s on our minds.

You’re my little dude and I love spending every day with you.

Your papa,

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