Friday, October 19, 2012

Early Intervention- So much accomplished, so far to go

Doing the best I know how
Let me preface this blog by saying the team of therapists we work with are nothing short of amazing. Both my wife and I really enjoy working with them. We trust them, and trust their best intentions in regards to development with our son. Our six month assessment is on Monday, and I'm equal parts nervous and eager to hear where they see Jayden's progress.

Has he made strides? Undoubtedly, yes. His ability to comprehend to what we are saying has improved significantly. He focuses and interacts during activities better than he used too. But his ability to communicate through speech is not improving nearly as quickly as we hoped.

The amount of words he can say has improved. He can now say about 15-20 words. But unfortunately most of them he only says when prompted to. He babbles all the time, and based on his body language I have no doubt he knows what HE is saying, but it still doesn't make any sense to us. I look forward to a time when he uses the words he knows in an appropriate fashion.

Comparisons are dangerous, counterproductive, and create unneeded stress, but I would be lying if  I said I don't notice friends and strangers with kids who are clearly a lot father along at the same age, or even younger.  It depresses me. Why hasn't he put it all together yet? How much longer will it take? I knew the road would not be easy, but quite candidly this process is harder than I originally thought. Which brings me to the question the cuts to the core of this post:

Am I doing enough as a parent?

Am I failing my son?

Of course I know that's not the case, but these feelings cross my mind. Probably more often then they should.

I have been a stay at home dad for the better part of two months. Most days are wonderful, but other days are really tough. Sometimes I wonder if removing Jayden from the daily interaction of daycare has stunted his growth. Balancing what's best for Jayden and what's best for the family can be tricky.

We have agreed to double up his therapy sessions moving forward. We are hoping that an increase of sessions coupled with some new exercises will help him make big strides. I understand that six months, a year, five years down the road, we will look back and celebrate how far he's come. I just can't wait to get there.


  1. Be patient, Joel. You are doing such an amazing job!

  2. Joel, you are giving your son an amazing opportunity to build and grow. That is what parenting is all about! I have say that you entered into parenting unexpectedly, surprised and early. (Parents need 40 weeks as well to get ready) So starting parenting with worries was part of the NICU experience. Getting a firm footing with parenting when the news is somewhat unexpected after the NICU takes time, self realization and an inner peace.
    Remember to bring your own personality to all those 'exercises' that is where your son will prosper the most!

    LeAnn Hoye
    Steps for Preemies, Owner
    Preemie Development Specialist