Monday, August 27, 2012

Silver Linings- Daddy Daycare

Just you and me, good buddy

A little over a month ago, we decided that transferring daycare's would be in our best interest for a variety of reasons, most notably we wanted to have our son at a daycare that was willing to provide transportation to preschool. While Jayden is still at least a year away from preschool, we didn't want to scramble last minute to find something. When an opportunity presented itself, we moved swiftly.

Anxious about a new journey for Jayden, we were excited that things seemed to be transitioning smoothly over the course of the first couple of weeks.

Then things slowly starting turning for the worse.

We could tell by the daycare provider she was getting frustrated with his inability to sleep. We could also tell she struggled with the idea that well past two years old, his inability to communicate was making him irritable and she was struggling with it. While we were eager to get him over the hump and into to a new routine, we knew it might take some time. A few Fridays ago she dropped a bomb on us.

Daycare was closing. No definitive date was set but we would need to find other arrangements. The part that stings the most? We have good reason to believe the daycare is not closing, rather she decided that Jayden was too much work. We were hurt, angry, and faced with tough decisions.

Then an idea bloomed.

Why not keep Jayden home? With him home we could make sure he was getting properly cared for, that we could focus on spending time working on his speech, and be able to save a significant amount of money a month. Working in the restaurant business,  I am fortunate to work for people who were more than willing to rearrange my schedule with very short notice.

As of this morning, Daddy Daycare is officially open. Being a Stay At Home Dad and working part time will be an adjustment for both Jayden and I. But I am comforted by knowing he won't go wanting for attention or love.

Sometimes it's through the toughest circumstances we find silver linings.

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  1. Let the wild rumpus start! Congratulations on your new adventure.