Friday, August 31, 2012

Featured Father- Derick Gibson

My wife and I have had a tremendous history starting with two second trimester loses in one year followed by our daughter who was born at 31 weeks (Currently she is four years old). It started out that my wife has an incompetent cervix. When we were pregnant with my daughter, my wife had a surgery done at 10 weeks called tac = trans abdominal cerclage which in lamens terms they put a permanent band on top of the cervix. That held the entire pregnancy however she went into labor at 31 weeks. After the hospital sent my wife home leaving her in labor for over 24 hours our daughter was born. Our daughter was born with Erbs Palsey witch is a biracial plexus injury caused by nerve damage in the upper arm. That was caused by the doctors doing an emergency delivery when our daughter was not in any distress.
Our daughter spent three weeks in the NICU. We were able to hold her when she was five days old. She had some respiratory problems and was on c-pap. After she came home and got older we noticed that she was not progressing with of a lot of the milestones, and after numerous trips to specialists our pediatrician our daughter had been diagnosed with global developmental delay, auditory processing, and is on the low end of the autism spectrum (PDD-NOS = preventalmental developmental disorder not otherwise specified). All in all it has been a very long journey thus far but it doesn't phase us with all the problems with her when we look at her and she is the happiest kid on earth. 

We also have a seven month old little girl now born at 35 weeks. Happy to report that so far she has no problems.

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