Thursday, June 14, 2012

Featured Father- Brad Kamps

By Brad Kamps

From early on in our pregnancy, we knew we were about to begin an extraordinary journey. After struggling to get pregnant, we were shocked by what we were seeing on the ultrasound screen; three heartbeats. I remember asking the ultrasound tech “What is that?” as I pointed at the screen. She chuckled and said, “That’s not another baby, that’s her bladder.” Immediately, thoughts started racing through my head. Is our house big enough? How are we going to afford three of everything? Am I going to have to buy a minivan?

The pregnancy was physically difficult on my wife, but there was nothing of particular concern until her water broke unexpectedly while she was at work at 25 weeks gestation. We rushed to the hospital and were admitted for what we thought was going to be three or four weeks of strict bed rest before she would deliver. After 12 hours of monitoring, her labor was unable to be stopped, and on September 1, 2010, our three little girls were born. Annaliese Hope, Brenna Renee and Lucy Jane entered this world each weighing 1 pound, 8 ounces and were 12 inches long, roughly the size of a Beanie Baby.

We were amazed at how very perfect they were, tiny, but absolutely perfect.  Our sweet little babies, while so very beautiful were also very frail and sick.  Each was in a fight for their life.  In total, the girls had seven surgeries, multiple infections, and too many blood transfusions to even count during their stay in the NICU.  We had numerous nights where it wasn’t clear they would see the next morning, but they continued to fight. Annaliese, Lucy and Brenna were able to come home after 77, 79 and 152 days respectively.

While we still deal with some issues from their prematurity, the girls are thriving at home, and are very active toddlers. Despite our troubles, we are very blessed to have brought all three girls home. The odds were not in our favor, and we are continually amazed by them every day. 

Brad, his wife, and triplets Annaliese, Lucy and Brenna

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