Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dear Hazel...

By Rob Berry

 April 14/ 2011
-5 days old

Dear Hazel-
Today was a good day for mommy and daddy. We were able to hold on to you for three and a half hours, Hazel.

Well let me correct that and say that mommy was able to hold you for three and a half hours. Let me just tell you my dear, seeing the two of you together like that absolutely warms my heart.

I really enjoy watching as the nurses place you on mommy's chest. You make the transition from your isolette to mommy almost immediately.

 What is so cool to see is that as you lay there on your tiny little tummy, I can see your breathing really smooth out, your tiny little body relaxes and your barely move for hours. It sort of reminds me of how I feel when mommy and I get to sleep in after a crazy week of work.

The other thing that brings joy to me right now is seeing how happy mommy is when you two get your cuddles in.

 I can see the excitement building in mom's eyes as we drive to the hospital. Ya, I should probably watch the road a bit closer but don't worry, daddy is a great driver. Your mommy loves you so much it is beyond comprehension.

 I feel the same way. Hazel we both know you are special and that you are a gift from heaven above. You have an ability to inspire people which is out of this world. In five short days you have already touched the lives of so many.

We thank god for you everyday and I know that your Baba (Grandma) is watching over you very closely. She was a nurse, a really good one, and well she loved her family more than anything else. I know that she loves you just as much and that makes me smile. I promise you that I will teach you all about her as you get older.

Yesterday was a big day for me and you. I got to cuddle with you in kangaroo care. Your poor little face was pressed against daddy's hairy chest for two hours. Sorry!

 It took you a little longer to settle in with me but once you did it was awesome. Your tiny head, your little fingers, your cute little bum and your perfect feet,  I could go on forever.

 I have felt a bond with you since the first time I felt you move inside mommy. When I read to you each night we felt you kick and jump. You were most active when you heard Curious George. Hearing that I was going to be a daddy was music to my ears. I couldn't wait to meet you.

 Holding you close to me today was a whole new level of connection. I didn't want to let you go. I am the luckiest man in the world because I have two amazing girls in my life, you and mommy.

You and I had our first daddy daughter talk and it was daddy trying to convince you of the joys of pooping (you haven't done that since Saturday when you were born).

We also set you up with your first hockey crush. It is tough trying to find a hockey crush for your daughter but mommy and I picked Jordan Eberle. He is talented but not too flash and well he is little like you.

 Your Uncle Doug said you are also tougher than him and he is probably right. We put a big Eberle window cling on the wall so the nurses and the family across from us that likes the Calgary Flames can see what's what.

It is getting late so I will end this letter. Your are strong my little Hazelnut. I love you with all my heart. I will write again soon. Til then goodnight and I Iove you. I can't wait to see you tomorrow morning.


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