Thursday, May 31, 2012

EI - Developmental Therapy - Building a relationship

Building for a better future
By Joel Brens

Since we have had the chance to speak with our Early Intervention Team about how we move forward, we have been eager to begin the process. Sometimes it can take time to find a therapist that is available and can work around your schedule.

Wednesday we finally got the chance to meet Dorothy who will be doing Jayden's Developmental Therapy sessions. Before we had a chance to see her work with Jayden I was nervous. Would Jayden bond with her? How easy will it be to work with her?

Within the first couple of minutes Dorothy laid to rest any concerns I had. She was warm and friendly with Jayden, and we established good dialogue. Jayden responded well to her. She explained that the first session was a chance to establish a baseline we can work off of moving forward. She explained the importance of building a relationship with Jayden. It's funny because the relationship my wife and I have with the EI therapists is just as important to us.

The biggest priority for Dorothy was establishing eye contact and trying to get Jayden to respond to what she was doing. The two interacted while playing with a variety of toys. Within a few minutes of starting this process Jayden  began to show signs of independence, trying to go about his business the way HE wanted to. But Dorothy did a great job of keeping Jayden on task. Taking "turns" and making "choices" about how to proceed through the process of playing with different toys.

I was happy to hear Dorothy talk about all the good things she saw from Jayden, that he had traits that would likely help make therapy sessions progress steadily. We have a long road ahead of us, but we certainly got off to a great start!

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